About us

Elettra Investimenti SpA is a holding company which implements initiatives in energy sector. Listed on the A.I.M market since April 2015, the company started then to growth so as to become a benchmark player in the energy’s new world.

Power generation

to promote, design, implement and manage energy production plants, also from alternative sources.


to ensure maximum synergies among the various business lines in order to reduce operating costs.

Energy efficiency

to bring energy efficiency and sustainability in the industries of the future.


to reduce the cost of acquiring energy on the markets also through the optimization of production and consumption asset dispatch.

Urban Electric Mobility Elettrica

to provide a sustainable electric mobility model for urban areas through the Car Sharing Eppy service.


Elettra Investimenti, through a series of operating companies, plans, builds and manages plants for the production of electric energy and offers energy efficiency services and IoT. Our goal is to help our partners to create an efficient system to manage energy resources in their business processes. Our strength is the variety of services offered to a potentially unlimited variety of costumers, indeed, we operate in the entire energy market.

Traditional Business consolidation

O&M Business consolidation

Energy Efficiency area and IoT consolidation

Demand-Response Trading