Factors for Success

Business Model Business model is based on distributed energy generation, that is the construction of small owned plants near to customers’ premises, in order to increase energy efficiency (less waste) and reliability (lower risk of interruptions and blackouts).
Solid financial structure Elettra Investimenti boasts a solid financial structure and is adequately capitalized, in fact, the NFP / NE ratio at 1H14 is equal to approximately 0.5
Core business: sale of thermal and electrical energy Elettra Investimenti's turnover does not depend on incentives, on the contrary, it is linked to the company's ability to sell thermal and electrical energy at competitive prices.
Tailored and flexible facilities Elettra Investimenti's facilities are built on the basis of specific customer requirements in a modular manner, thus ensuring greater energy efficiency.
Reliability and technology Elettra Investimenti has always been known as a point of reference in terms of technological innovation and product functionality.
Attractive market Elettra Investimenti operates in a market with broad growth prospects and intends to extend its O&M services offer to third-party owners of cogeneration plants not equipped with the necessary technical skills required for efficient performances.
Shareholders & Management Solid shareholders’ and management’s track record, with years of experience in the sector of plants for electricity production from renewable sources.

Programmes and Strategies

Growth along internal lines

  • Cogeneration plants:

    consolidating its competitive position in the field of cogeneration plants through the construction of new plants in Italy.
  • Renewable Energy:

    diversifying the business model also by creating micro / mini wind- and hydropower plants; Diversifying sources related to vegetable oil trading.
  • Service and energy efficiency:

    developing two new business lines related to the service (management and maintenance of cogeneration and trigeneration plants) and energy efficiency improvement actions.

Growth along external lines

  • M&A:

    Increasing the group’s size through extraordinary operations

Territorial Coverage